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Falcon Towing & Lockout Service – Ferndale, MI


Our lock out service by towing company is convenient, fast & affordable!

Here’s a common scenario: You rushed into your nearest local grocery store to grab a gallon of milk for your three year old daughter who’s been begging you for cereal all day. In a hurry you accidentally left your keys in the ignition, except there’s no one inside to turn the key!

If you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle or know someone who has, here is exactly what you do NOT want to do if you want to safely unlock your vehicle:

1. Use a hanger or any other small piece of wire to try and gain access.

2. Break the window – the logic goes that it’s cheaper (and easier) to break into your own vehicle than it is to hire a professional car locksmith like ourselves to get in clean and painlessly.

This ultimately damages your protective weather stripping which keeps all the elements such as snow, rain, dirt and debris from entering your vehicle.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. The glass replacement costs alone could run you as much as a mortgage payment not including installation labor.

We understand you are under a desperate circumstance, but unless the issue is pressing enough to warrant such desperate measures listed above, for which the majority of our calls it is not, seek a professional.

After you’ve established there are little alternatives you have left to consider unless you have a spare key on hand, understand that being locked out of one’s own vehicle happens to everybody at least once in their lifetime. It’s quite common, actually.

It doesn’t matter what type or brand of vehicle you have, automatic or manual, Ford or Corvette, all wheel drive or 2 wheel drive, our unique method for opening vehicle doors on the spot without any hassle or fuss is unique only to us. So don’t fret it. Little mistakes like this happen. So call Falcon Towing today to have us come out and unlock your vehicle for you; hassle-free.

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