Road Side Assistance

Falcon Towing & Lockout Service – Ferndale, MI

Our towing company provides full roadside assistance. Car won’t start? We understand how you feel. It happens to us all. That’s why we trained our professional crew of tow truckers to respond to emergency situations and one of the most common causes for car trouble is a dead battery.

However, you may not need to replace battery. Sometimes all you need is to jump your dead battery.

Follow this quick checklist so you can be able to tell the difference for yourself:

If your car battery is less than 2 years old, your lights and radio are working and you hear a “clicking” sound when you attempt to turn it over, you need a jump.

But if your battery is MORE than 2 years old, the lights and radio fail to work when the key is put in to the ignition, and you do NOT hear a clicking sound, it’s time for a new battery.

Or say you ran out of gas suddenly. You’re stranded. Everyone you call are either at work or busy with the kids. The earliest someone can get out to you is way after your scheduled interview for a job or other crucial meeting.

You can give all the excuses you like even if justified, but in the real world showing up in spite of our circumstances is all that matters. The first impression matters. And that’s all that really counts.

So what do you do?

Try our refuel out of gas service.

We’ll get to you faster than you can say “lickety split”. You won’t miss your important meeting, and you won’t inconvenience friends or family to drop what they’re doing to bring you a few gallons of gas.

Lastly, we replace flat tires. Getting one is certainly no fun especially considering that the culprit is often no bigger than the size of a small toothpick. Tires blow out all the time for any reason. Frankly, this service speaks for itself. If you don’t have the tools, spare tire or experience to do it on your own without causing harm to yourself or others, give us a call today.

For all issues with your vehicle including flat tire, dead battery, out of gas call Falcon Towing Today!

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